It’s nap time for the baby frogs, but they still want to play! Players roll two colored dice and look underneath one eye of the matching big frog. If it’s blank, the baby frog can hop across the next lily pad. If there’s a frog on the eye, the baby has been caught! Remember which eyes to pass up to help your baby be the first to race around the pond. This delightful memory game is 100% wood. 

Have a hopping good time with Froggy Boogie, a charming memory game for kids. 

Froggy Boogie

SKU: BO00230
  • Contents:
    - 6 Wooden Baby Frogs
    - 9 Wooden Adult Frogs
    - 18 Wooden Eyes
    - 1 Large Wooden Water Lily
    - 11 Small Wooden Water Lilies
    - 2 Wooden Dice
    - Illustrated Rules

    Game Facts: 
    - Ages 4 and Up 
    - 2 to 6 Players