The Kassa chalk markers write and erase on any non-porous surface like chalkboards, blackboards, car windows, mirrors, light boards, glass and ceramics or as permanent color on wood, craft paper, and other porous surfaces.The markers have a double sided tip with two different sizes - 4mm chisel and a 6 mm bullet tip. To change the tip all you have to do is pull it out from the marker and flip it. Once the tip is in the marker it stays firmly in place. You can use the wider bullet tip for broad strokes or for coloring in a large surface. The angled chisel tip is perfect for adding in the fine details or calligraphy.

Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers

SKU: KCH1000
    • High quality chalk ink with vibrant neon colors
    • Dries quickly & will not smudge
    • Work on almost any surface (even wood!)
    • Will erase off non-porous surfaces; such as chalkboards, mirrors & glass
    • Double sided 4mm chisel & 6 mm bullet tip - simply pull it out & flip it