Grade 6 is focused on a hands-on challenge and guides students to work together as engineers to design, prototype, test, and refine their creations.

  • The 15 grade-appropriate STEM challenges target life, earth, and physical science concepts. 
  • Every unit is focused on a hands-on challenge in which students apply the STEM process of plan, create, test, and redesign.
  • No-prep lessons and easy-to-find materials help you fit STEM learning into the busy school day.

STEM Lessons and Challenges Grade 6

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  • Each unit includes:

    • Teacher overview pages
    • Reading selections for background knowledge
    • Visual real-world examples
    • A STEM challenge overview.
    • Design process worksheets
    • A redesign page to evaluate their design

    Examples of STEM challenges and science topics from grade 6 include:

    • Egg-Laying Box (Life Science Concept: Simple Machines (inclined plane)
    • Submarine (Earth Science Concept: Buoyancy)
    • Projector (Physical Science Concept: Optics)